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Strawberry Root Weevils

by Lisa Linderman on April 20, 2011

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I grow a lot of strawberries.  There’s nothing better than a fresh strawberry from the backyard, and I love to make jam and strawberry pie and strawberry shortcake.  At the end of the season, of course the berries send out runners and make new plants, so I have more and more and more plants.  The […]

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We’ve had an incredibly wet spring, even for us here in the Pacific NorthWet, where things tend to sprout moss and algae in the blink of an eye.  Sunday we had rain falling at half an inch an hour, for about three hours.  That’s a lot of water.  More than my garden needs, thank you.  […]

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Spring Planning

by Lisa Linderman on March 25, 2010

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Last year at this time, I still didn’t have any garden beds, and we had no fruit trees planted, no blueberry bushes in the ground, no berry bed, no bees.  How things change in a year! This year I’m not only planning for our own use and “for fun” plants, but I am planning ahead […]

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For the last few weeks, I’ve been absorbed largely with preparing for the Oregon Glass Guild’s 9th annual Glass Gallery show at the Oregon Convention Center. The show was this last weekend, and my next scheduled show isn’t until November, so I have a nice wide chunk of time where there are no pressing crafting […]

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Wisdom from the Neighbors

by Lisa Linderman on April 5, 2009

in country wisdom,spring planting

We have an older couple living next door to us. They’ve been here 40 years, which is long enough to have seen this town go from a wide spot in the road to…well, a wider spot in the road. But it’s on its way to becoming a fairly large town in its own right, and […]

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More Spring Fever

by Lisa Linderman on March 18, 2009

in general,spring planting

Yesterday I got Todd to put up the small greenhouse I purchased at Bi-Mart. It’s made of metal tubing and connectors, with wire shelving, covered with a plasticky translucent green tarp thingy, so it’s portable, lightweight, and inexpensive (I think I paid $70 for it.) It’s got enough shelving space for 14 trays of plants, […]

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