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Zucchinocalpyse is Nigh!

by Lisa Linderman on August 28, 2011

in baking,recipe

This is the time of year where you can’t leave your car windows rolled down, for fear that your neighbors will jam zucchini through the window and run away.  And if you hear the doorbell, you better get there before the person runs away and leaves a basket of orphan zucchini on the porch.  Unless […]

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Easiest Berry Pies

by Lisa Linderman on July 13, 2011

in baking,berries,fruit,recipe

Strawberry season is either nearly over or completely over, depending on where you are in the country.  (We have maybe a week more here…got a late start this year!)  Raspberries are up next, then we’ll be into boysenberries, marionberries, tayberries, blackberries, blueberries…yum. I had so many strawberries this year, I made four batches of jam, […]

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Great E-Scapes

by Lisa Linderman on June 29, 2011

in food crops,garden,recipe

Today was one of those days where I puttered in the garden.  “I don’t want to weed the garlic,” I thought. “Well, maybe I’ll just pull that one big weed.”  And I pulled it.  And it came out easily, and then I thought, “Well, maybe just one more.”  Before I knew it, I’d weeded all […]

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Rheum rhubarbarum.

by Lisa Linderman on May 25, 2011

in baking,food crops,garden,recipe

Rheum rhubarbarum sounds like some character out of a bad space opera, but it’s the scientific name of rhubarb.  Just one of those weird little trivia tidbits that get lodged in the wrinkles in my brain, probably because I’ve always liked the sound of it.   And right now, rhubarb is on my mind! About 10 […]

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Stupidly Easy White Bread

by Lisa Linderman on April 7, 2011

in baking,bread,recipe

I remember when I was first really learning to cook from scratch, I tried making bread a few times.  Abject.  Failure.  Invariably, the bread would rise high and then crash in the oven, becoming brick-like and flat, even indented, on top.  Eventually I learned how to make decent “rustic” breads, but making white bread kept […]

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King Cake

by Lisa Linderman on March 8, 2011

in recipe

Happy Mardi Gras!  Or Fat Tuesday.  Or day before Ash Wednesday.  Or “last chance to pig out before Lent”.   Or something.  Being neither Catholic nor from the South, it’s all very nebulous to me.  Mostly to me it means purple/green/gold, beads, masks, and King Cake.  I realize none of the above really have anything to […]

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Rose Petal Fizzy Water

by Lisa Linderman on February 21, 2011

in recipe

A week or two ago, I wandered into a European deli to peruse the foodstuffs, all with labels I couldn’t read.  I didn’t care.  It was fun to look at the foods and try to figure out what they were without benefit of, y’know, words.  (Try it some time, and think about what it must […]

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January Warm Ups

by Lisa Linderman on January 14, 2011

in bees,honeybees,recipe

Last week we had some very cold weather, with the chance of snow.  Snowpocalypse, if you listened to the news.  Right.  We never saw any snow where I live, but it did get down considerably cold for a few days.  I worried a bit about my smallest hive at that point, but there wasn’t much […]

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Well, not millions.   Last year we planted a Frost Peach tree near our garden, and waited to see what it would do.  This spring it had lots of beautiful pink blossoms, which our honeybees seemed to like.   And then it set lots and lots of small peaches.  Neat! Yesteraday, we spotted one on the ground, […]

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My friend Hollie posted an article in her blog a while back about the virtues of making one’s own laundry detergent.  Now while I’m into the DIY thing and I like to make lots of stuff from scratch, it seemed a little more effort than it would be worth to make detergent.  I mean, doesn’t […]

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