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Strawberry Root Weevils

by Lisa Linderman on April 20, 2011

in berries,pest control,spring planting

I grow a lot of strawberries.  There’s nothing better than a fresh strawberry from the backyard, and I love to make jam and strawberry pie and strawberry shortcake.  At the end of the season, of course the berries send out runners and make new plants, so I have more and more and more plants.  The […]

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Rodent Update

by Lisa Linderman on March 6, 2011

in pest control

Well, we’ve caught two of the little beggars now.  First one we caught in the “new, IMPROVED” live trap in the drop ceiling tiles.  Tiny, tiny little thing, completely bedraggled from a night of being in a small space with its own pee and a blob of peanut butter.  Way too small to be the […]

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Mouse: 1, Humans: 0

by Lisa Linderman on February 28, 2011

in pest control

I admit, I’ve been a little self-satisfied when discussion rat and rodent problems with fellow chicken keepers.  You see, we’ve never had rat or rodent problems with the chickens.  I think it’s because we’re out far enough in the rural areas that we have many natural predators, including at least two insanely good mousing cats […]

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We’ve had an incredibly wet spring, even for us here in the Pacific NorthWet, where things tend to sprout moss and algae in the blink of an eye.  Sunday we had rain falling at half an inch an hour, for about three hours.  That’s a lot of water.  More than my garden needs, thank you.  […]

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Not-A-Bee Traps

by Lisa Linderman on July 9, 2009

in diy,penny pinching,pest control

A while back I mentioned that I’m alarmed by the number of people who classify anything that buzzes, is black and yellow and vaguely striped, and is hanging around the yard as a “bee”. And that they furthermore seem to hate bees with such a passion that they swat, poison, trap, stomp, squash, maim, fold, […]

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