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Welcome to 2012

by Lisa Linderman on January 1, 2012

in commercial kitchen,general

As often happens when the summer season winds down and  the fall begins, I sort of fell out of the habit of blogging.  Resolution:  Get back to it!  Fall is always crazy busy for me, and I seem to get slammed with allergies or something every fall as well, so the period between September 1 […]

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Are You Simply Prepared?

by Lisa Linderman on March 14, 2011

in general,opinion and navelgazing

This post really has little to do with farmy-homesteady kinds of pursuits, but it does tie in with self-sufficiency and simplicity.  It just seemed relevant right now! Unless you’ve been asleep or in the jungle without communication devices for a week, you’re aware of the giant, devastating earthquake in Japan.  It spawned a series of […]

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Spring Planning

by Lisa Linderman on March 25, 2010

in birds,chickens,garden,general,spring planting

Last year at this time, I still didn’t have any garden beds, and we had no fruit trees planted, no blueberry bushes in the ground, no berry bed, no bees.  How things change in a year! This year I’m not only planning for our own use and “for fun” plants, but I am planning ahead […]

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Operation: Flora Rescue

by Lisa Linderman on July 13, 2009

in general

Last fall, my husband and daughter and I moved from our decidedly suburban house with it’s small but decent yard, out to our 1940’s brick farm house with it’s 1/2 acre of “oh holy cow, what did we get ourselves into” yard. (And secretly, both my husband and I would have liked to have actual […]

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More Spring Fever

by Lisa Linderman on March 18, 2009

in general,spring planting

Yesterday I got Todd to put up the small greenhouse I purchased at Bi-Mart. It’s made of metal tubing and connectors, with wire shelving, covered with a plasticky translucent green tarp thingy, so it’s portable, lightweight, and inexpensive (I think I paid $70 for it.) It’s got enough shelving space for 14 trays of plants, […]

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