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country wisdom


by Lisa Linderman on July 20, 2009

in country wisdom,herbs,home remedies

For as long as I can remember, I have been very prone to motion sickness. As a child, I needed only to say, “I don’t feel so well” from the back seat of the car, and my parents would slam on the brakes and/or jam a bucket under my chin for the inevitable deluge. After […]

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by Lisa Linderman on June 23, 2009

in bees,country wisdom,honeybees

The second swarm of bees installed in my Top Bar Hive has indeed settled in nicely, and is busy busy busy. You know, like bees. I’ve been peeking probably more than necessary, through the little portal window on the side, but I’m curious and was a little nervous about their health and inclination to stay. […]

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Wisdom from the Neighbors

by Lisa Linderman on April 5, 2009

in country wisdom,spring planting

We have an older couple living next door to us. They’ve been here 40 years, which is long enough to have seen this town go from a wide spot in the road to…well, a wider spot in the road. But it’s on its way to becoming a fairly large town in its own right, and […]

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