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We Have Achieved Greenhouse!

by Lisa Linderman on May 24, 2011

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Some time ago I wrote about starting a greenhouse project.  The floor was complete on April 24th…of last year.  Then things happened and life went on, and the greenhouse project was abandoned for a while.  But now, it’s complete! It’s sturdy as heck, and quite a bit taller than I needed, but I can hang […]

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Home Grown Greenhouse

by Lisa Linderman on March 31, 2011

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There’s an unwritten rule around my place, which applies primarily to the construction of new structures and garden accessories.  It goes something like, “Why read a book or dig up actual plans when you can just wing it?”   Or it might be something like, “I don’t have time to read a book, I’m busy building […]

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Hurry Up And…Wait.

by Lisa Linderman on July 15, 2010

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So we’ve been installing our trailer for a while now.  Mostly we’ve gotten a pier-built deck put on (many many thanks to my Father and Jesus, his gardener/handyman).  We’ve peeled out part of the flooring.  And then we went on Quest for Sewer.  Yeah. First Todd dug down to where the outlet for the garage […]

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Plans have been afoot for some time around the Homestead to get me set up with a commercial kitchen.  Okay, technically, a “Commercial Food Processing Facility”.  Difference?  Commercial Kitchens are certified by the county health department, and typically serve people directly from the kitchen.  Think restaurant, hot dog cart, taco wagon, Grange hall kitchen, things […]

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Since we have such a small Homestead area, I can’t put up a giant hoop house or big greenhouse without really making some hard decisions about land use.  And since we’re in the city limits, I have to restrict my outbuildings to two permanent structures.  I already have a detatched garage that counts as one, […]

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