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Around the Place

by Lisa Linderman on May 15, 2010

in bees,broody,chickens,honeybees,rabbits

Tonight we “installed” the new swarm.  It’s even bigger than the last one, clearly the biggest by far we’ve gotten of all four wild swarms we have living here.  The install wasn’t nearly as big a fail as the last one, as it’s not raining and it’s not cold, but the bees are not at […]

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They Grow So Fast…

by Lisa Linderman on April 12, 2010

in baby animals,broody,chickens

The chickies are 2 weeks old now, and they’re already feathering out nicely.  I’m still curious to see what their final coloration will be, and really hoping that at least one is a blue hen.  Crossing fingers!   Looks like feathered legs are dominant, given the fact that most of them have feathers on their legs. […]

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Invasion of the Chicks

by Lisa Linderman on March 29, 2010

in baby animals,broody,chickens

Last night, Todd went outside to check on things before bed.  When he came in, he announced that he’d seen one lone fuzzy chick standing on the nest in front of Racer X.  Yay!  So we knew both that we had at least one successful hatching, and that hatching had commenced. I went out today […]

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More Chickens, Coming Up!

by Lisa Linderman on March 5, 2010

in baby animals,broody,chickens

It’s so hard in the spring, walking into the feed stores and the local Wilco farm store and seeing the big brooders full of cute, fuzzy, peeping chicks. So cute! So tempting! So far, I’ve resisted the urge to even touch the little balls of fluff, let alone purchase any, but it’s like some low-level […]

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Final Chick Tally

by Lisa Linderman on July 31, 2009

in baby animals,broody,chickens

Of the original dozen eggs we put under the broody hen, we have four survivors. To my untrained eye, they appear to be three Rhode Island Reds and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. The only reason I can even guess that closely is that I know I only got RIR and SLW eggs, plus one Aracauna […]

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Broody Hen Update

by Lisa Linderman on July 13, 2009

in broody,chickens

I’ve had chickens for a little over a year now, from chicks through to full grown hens. When I first acquired my five “sexed” chicks, I hoped all five would be female. With an 80-90% accuracy rate, I knew it was a risk one wouldn’t be. I didn’t have any idea how to tell if […]

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The Random Report

by Lisa Linderman on July 6, 2009

in bees,broody,chickens,deer,honeybees,repellents

There’s a local radio station that plays something called the “Random Report”. And it is random, as is their musical selection. Probably explains why I like the station. Anyway, I’m often given to making random reports as well…and they look something like this: Mint Ice CreamVerdict – Not very much like storebought mint ice cream, […]

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