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Spring Planning

by Lisa Linderman on March 25, 2010

in birds,chickens,garden,general,spring planting

Last year at this time, I still didn’t have any garden beds, and we had no fruit trees planted, no blueberry bushes in the ground, no berry bed, no bees.  How things change in a year! This year I’m not only planning for our own use and “for fun” plants, but I am planning ahead […]

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Camping in the Great Outdoors

by Lisa Linderman on September 27, 2009

in birds

Well, maybe not so great, but outdoors anyway. Last week my daughter decided she wanted to sleep outside in our backyard. Since we have a reasonably large backyard, a large tent, and a queen size air bed, I figured what the heck. My husband tucked us in with our popcorn, flashlight, and a Little House […]

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Birdies Birdies Everywhere

by Lisa Linderman on August 12, 2009

in baby animals,birds,chickens

Today was apparently the Day of the Birds around here! Last week, a gal posted on PDXBackyardChix that she had three “escape artist” hens she needed to rehome. She got an offer in Oregon City, but she lives not too far from me, and that’s a long ways from where we are. I happened to […]

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House Sparrows

by Lisa Linderman on July 23, 2009

in baby animals,birds

Apparently my yard is ideal House Sparrow breeding ground. Well, given how prolific they are in general and how adaptable, I’m not sure that’s any great distinction, but it’s certainly no less true. On the eaves of my front porch there is a battered old bird house, which came with the house when we bought […]

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Birds, Birds, Everywhere

by Lisa Linderman on June 19, 2009

in baby animals,birds,robins

The baby robins have fledged. They sure grew quickly! This was taken June 4th. Little more birdlike and less fuzzy than the first pink things that came out of the eggs… And June 7th. What a difference a few days makes! And finally June 13th, the evening before they all fledged and spread out. Way […]

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I’ve been sick for over two solid weeks now. I came down with my husband’s cold the Saturday I was in Boise for my second cousin’s graduation. And then it just hung on. Coughing, lost voice, fatigue, lots of fun. Apparently I had some severe allergy attacks on top of the cold, which triggered my […]

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We have babies!

by Lisa Linderman on June 1, 2009

in birds,photos,robins

The robin eggs have hatched. Weirdly, I only found one little tiny piece of shell under the bush, even though I’m sure I peeked in the nest very very shortly after the hatching. My guess is that momma robin either ate the shells or disposed of them elsewhere to disguise the location of the nest. […]

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by Lisa Linderman on May 22, 2009

in birds

I found eggs today! Okay, that’s not amazing, considering I have five chickens who lay me eggs on a regular basis. However, the eggs I found today were not nice brown chicken eggs, nor were they in my coop. There is an American Robin nesting in a rhododendron right outside my bedroom window. It’s a […]

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Life Around the New Place

by Lisa Linderman on May 14, 2009

in bats,birds,rabbits

It’s interesting, the changes from living in a thoroughly suburban area near major roads and a freeway to moving to what amounts to a suburban-style strip surrounded by farms and woodland, even though it’s blocks from town. We still have neighbors, we actually live on a busier road than we did before, but with the […]

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by Lisa Linderman on May 6, 2009

in birds

When we moved out here, I set up our bird feeders next to a giant Rose of Sharon bush, across the driveway from the kitchen window. I can see all the activity at the feeders while I’m puttering in the kitchen, and when I whip out the binoculars to look more closely, I have the […]

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